I’m Not Here

While I was excited that MLBlogs was moving everybody to WordPress.com and away from the horror that is Moveable Type, I guess I wasn’t that excited because it took me three months to get around to checking out the relocation.

Since I’m retired and not really here, I’m not sure why I felt the need to change the look of this blog, other than I’ve never really liked the three themes we were offered at the old MLBlogs and was excited about the opportunity to use any WordPress theme I want.  In the end, I went the unoriginal route and am trying out their latest and greatest theme. I’m not sure I love it, but there’s lots of fun stuff to play with, so I’m keeping it for now.  (I hope there’s a way to change the link color to something other than Dodger Blue though!)

As for the year-in-baseball so far, this is my second year actively following the Giants, and it pretty much reminds me of last year.  They can pitch, they can’t hit, their roster is full of “old guys” nobody wanted and rookies with crazy potential, and they are constantly being written off as an impossibility but continue to be contenders.  Actually, the only real difference between this year and last year is that they have been first in their division for a much greater duration than they were last year because the unstoppable Padres are a thing of the past and dead last.

Without this blog, I must admit to not paying as much attention to the team this year as I did the year prior.  I don’t have to know what happened in a game or series if I don’t have to write about it.  Not that I watched ever game religiously last year either (I have a family that competes with the television) but if I missed a game last year, I made a point to at least watch the highlights and read the recaps.  I’m not quite as religious about that now.

But that said, I still listen to sports radio and have kept up with the team’s status and player changes, and sneak in a game every once in awhile on the television when the kids are asleep and the wife is engrossed in a gardening book.  I’ve even gone to two live games so far this season (I am 2-0) and have another scheduled for next week, which I think ties me for last year’s game attendance count.

So to recap, I have no idea what I’m talking about.  I am into them as much as I was last year, I guess it just feels “less” because I’m not constantly forming what I see and hear into paragraphs.  Is that good or bad?  Am I back or just goofing around?  I don’t know, but here’s another post.

WordPress sure is cool, isn’t it?


Movable Hype Pro

So I was attempting to post a comment at Confessions of a She-Fan and I got denied.  See, I posted two comments already, and then the author replied, so I attempted to reply back.  But since Movable Type Pro, the software used to run all these blogs, posted the authors reply to my comment before my comment, even though she wrote her comment after my comment, it now things I am attempting to comment three times in a row and won’t let me comment. 

This got me to thinking how much I don’t like Movable Type Pro.  Or at least, I don’t like MLBlogs version and setup of Movable Type Pro.  As I’ve never used it outside of this site, I couldn’t tell ya if there’s a better way to set it up.

Here’s some things I specifically don’t like:

  • Comments are sometimes out of order.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen and it’s confusing. 
  • There is no sidebar control.  I either want options as to what I put on my sidebar, or at the very least I want options as to what order things are displayed. 
  • No export ability, as far as I can tell.  If the MLB decides to shut this down, will all our hard work just disappear?  No backup options? 
  • Slooow.  I don’t know if this is Movable type or just MLBlogs, but it takes forever to get to posting sometimes, or to get an image inserted into a post.  Or even just to view the dang blog.
  • Image handling is weird and posting itself is often glitchy or perhaps
    the software is assuming it knows what I want and changing things on me.
  • I like the themes offered somewhat, but I wish there was a better way to update or modify them, other than through illegally using stylesheets on the profile form. At least give us the option of a custom banner or something.

I think MLBlogs should switch to WordPress 3.0.  It fixes all the above problems, and its current incarnation allows for multiple blogs fresh off the install. 

If I could figure out a way to cross-post to here, I would move my site and use WordPress. Heck, maybe I’ll do it anyway and just copy/paste to here from time to time.  Or maybe I can e-mail each and every blogger on this network and convince them to move with me and I’ll host a new MLB blog network using WordPress 3.0 and everyone will love me for making their lives just a bit simpler.

Yeah…that will happen!