Hey, another first for me.  I’m the featured blog this uh…day?  Week?  Arbitrary amount of time? Anyway, thanks to whomever picks that stuff, that’s awesome!  Oh the pressure…

Weird to see myself called “Kaiser The Great” on the front page.  I guess it never occurred to me to change my display name to my actual name.  Done!  Nice to meet you, everybody.
The leaders list for September came also came out.  I’m always curious who makes up the Top 50 fan blogs.  So I cataloged a couple stats:
I thought there’d be more females represented on the pie, but maybe that’s just me who happens to be reading mostly female written blogs.  Still a pretty good number considering sports are a “male thing” stereotypically. 

No shocker that the Yankee blogs reign, but not really by much.  Giants come in third behind Phillies and general MLB content, so that’s cool. There’s only 20 teams on the list so 10 teams aren’t being represented, but I’m too lazy to figure out which ones.  I wish MLBlogs had a way a list of all blogs on their site, broken up by team/subject.  

Killing Time

I’ve got baseball on the brain, but at the same time I’m trying not to spend too much time and effort over analyzing every little thing about today’s game.  So instead I revisisited one of my favorite baseball sites, Flip Flop Fly Ball to see what latest and greatest graphs and charts were available to peruse.  And much to my delight, there was a bobblehead chart!  Check it.    

The first thing that came to my mind was which two teams gave away a bobblehead when the Giants were visiting.  Not an easy thing to figure out without researching every teams’ bobblehead activity, which is what I ultimately ended up doing.  (Like I said, this day is crawling way too slowly towards 7 PM!)   So using Flip Flop’s own key, I made my own chart:
I found a few discrepancies in Flip Flop’s chart, but for the most part they’re the same, square-wise.  I added all the applicable teams though, so on the left side you can see what team was visiting during bobblehead day, and on the right you can see what teams gave away a bobblehead while being visiting. 
I would have assumed that most teams would decide to give away a bobblehead when they’re scheduled to play a bad team in an attempt to generate ticket sales.  The Phillies giving away a Roy Halladay bobblehead on the day they have to play the Pirates makes perfect sense.  (And photos of the sucker blew up all over Twitter, so obviously it worked!)  But then there’s the Dodgers giving away a bobblehead when the Giants came to play, and what would fill seats better than a Dodgers-Giants game?  
Note also that the Braves, Red Sox, Rockies and Yankees are too cool for bobbleheads (or draw enough ticket sales without gimmicks) and the White Sox was the only team to give away a bobble when the Red Sox and Yankees came to town (not enough of a draw for Chicago, I guess).  
I wonder if there’s a bobblehead website…

Bad Timing

It’s too soon to brag and too soon to complain, but WE’RE #1 and we lost our first series of the year and of course it was to the Dodgers.





I was supposed to watch the game with my sister-in-law’s husband, but we thought it started later than it did and we ended up tuning in just in time to watch Ramirez break out one run lead by hitting it out of the park.  Gah.  That’s okay, we’ve got 15 more games with them to prove we’re better and to get ’em back for breaking Rowands face.  Ouch!

aaronrowand.jpgI’ve been out of town since April, so I can’t say I’ve watched much baseball.  Actually, last week I was in Canada for a work trade show, and the convention center was right next to Rogers Centre.  Had I known, I might have shot for some Jays tickets to pass the time, but instead I watched the Jays go back and forth with the Sox in the local tavern every night, which was pretty fun.  That Ricky Romero is a heck of a pitcher!

romero.jpgSpeaking of fun, it’s interesting to get an opportunity to wear your team’s logo when you’re a stranger in a strange land.  Wear a Giants sweatshirt wear I live and you blend right in, wear one in Toronto and you get some staring.  No one tried to punch me or anything, though someone at airport security jokingly (I think) wanted to downgrade my ticket for the return flight home.  


sfatcws20100323.jpg16-6 (but who cares!). 

I don’t really know the guy I mentioned before who is the White Sox fan, but I listen to his podcast enough to where I feel good about his team losing to mine anyway.  I’ve traded a few e-mails back and forth with Jimmy Mac, co-host of the kick-assiest (totally a word) Star Wars podcast ever, The Forcecast, and I’m his best “not real” friend on Facebook too, so I make sure I post Giants vs White Sox scores on his wall.  It makes me feel good inside, even if he probably doesn’t give a crud.

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing really, other than A) It’s cool that there’s a baseball fanatic out there who’s also a geek and B) A win is more fun when you can rub it in someone’s face.

Is that so wrong? 


White Sox?  Check.  Cubs?  Check.  We’ve officially fake-beat Chicago. 

sfatchc20100310.jpg7-1.  And the Panda finally came through with a home run!  Bases loaded too!  Maybe he was just waiting for the perfect moment?  Odd that for both the Cubs and the White Sox, we beat ’em with five runs in one inning.


cwsatsf20100309.jpg6-1 for the make-believe Cactus League.  I was worried there for a second that I wasn’t going to be able to rub a win into a White Sox fan’s face that I know, but luckily they pulled together in the eighth for five runs!  Thank you Jhonny Nunez for your pitching.

jhonnynunez.jpgSeems like the trend is to start off slow and score later.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Better than starting off strong and petering out. 

First game for DeRosa.  Got a single.  Everyone seems to be expecting a lot from him, probably out of desperation that someone will get us on base. Hope he can live up to it.

Fake #1 in the National League again, as of today.  See?



ladatsf20100308.jpgWhew, seemed close there for a second, but they took it with an extra inning.  I’ve got a co-worker who’s a Dodgers fan, so of course I posted the score on her workstation.  It’s the little things in life…!

Now if only they’d beat the White Sox today too, I’ve got someone else who’s face I can rub it in!