Snake Bite

So here I was looking forward to yesterday, playing the worst team in the division, having a nice, no tension slaughter as a change of pace, arrogantly posting a “piece of cake” image to commemorate the upcoming occasion.

confused.jpgWell it was certainly a slaughter, and there was very little tension, and it was definitely a piece of cake.  But all the wrong direction!  13-1 D-Backs!  OUCH!  Just…OUCH!  Did that really happen? 


We haven’t such a one sided defeat (or victory for that matter) all season, and then we play the D-Backs and give up six homers!  (Which we haven’t done since 1996 against the Cubs.  I wasn’t there, but I read things.)  Were we pitching the right direction?

Everyone is blaming Wellemeyer’s inexperience, especially with away games, and yeah, he gave up half of the D-Backs HRs, but Medders and Bautista gave up three between the two of them as well, so what’s their excuse?  Did the Padres break something in us?  Are we tired?

tired.jpgMan, we started off so good this year and it seems like everything is a struggle.  The evil Padres beat the evil Dodgers, so at least we’re still maintaining second place.  But we’re 39 games in, only a quarter of a season complete, and I can’t take it anymore.  Every game makes me hold my breath, to where I don’t even bother breathing anymore.  I have aged 80 years since April. 

oldkirk.jpgBut hey, there’s plenty more season to go.  Plenty more chances to get our act together.  And even if we don’t, it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun, (especially if you’re not winning).  So let’s all just breath.  Relax.  Take a Jesus Christ Superstar time out.

Aaaah…much better!  Lincecum tonight, let’s return the favor!



Going into this series, on the losing streak we were riding, against a division leader and last season World Series contender, I was praying to at least win won game.  So the fact that we won the series should be making me happy, and it is for the most part, but man that last game was a heart breaker! 

We beat them with Sánchez and Wellemeyer starting, but not Lincecum?  Oh the…well not irony, but… heart break!  Said it twice. 

Don’t know who to blame really.  Want to blame someone, but who? 

I was following the game on’s cool “Game Day” digital thing while following posts on Twitter.  Man were they hating Bochy!  Everyone was blaming Bochy for taking Lincecum out in the 9th.  We were winning at that point.  Timmy had only given up three hits and two runs in 9 innings, we were ahead!  How dare Bochy take the freak out and replace him with Wilson!  They got two hits off him and that’s how they took over the game and we lost.

brucebochy.jpg Well yeah, I guess you could argue that, but I think Lincecum was tired.  He got lucky with Dobbs and he walked Victorino.  Utley and Howard were coming up.  I could see why Bochy would want a fresh arm to finish off the game. 

Of course, it kind of reminded me of the last Dodgers game where Bochy replaced Zito, who seemed to be doing just fine, with Romo because Ramirez was coming up, and then Ramirez ending up hitting the game winning home run.  So…maybe Bochy should put more faith in his starters? 

But hell, he gave Tim eight innings.  That’s a lot.  And Wilson had given up zero runs in his last seven games, so it’s not like Bochy picked a sucky replacement.  Just an unlucky one.  I hear Werth is good, so y’know…he’s bound to hit regardless of how good a pitcher he faces.

We had the game, we only need two outs, the Phillies just rallied or got lucky and fought us off.  It could have happened to Lincecum too, and then everyone would be bitching that Bochy should have replaced Lincecum in the last inning with someone fresh.

damnedifyoudodont.jpgIt’s just one of those things.  I can’t find myself blaming anyone in particular. 

Then the game went to what seemed like the longest set of extra innings every.  We tied in the 10th, and got eeked out by one in the eleventh.  Bummer. 

The other Twitter bitch fest was geared towards Euginio Velez.  I guess he should have caught that ball.  Didn’t seem that easy to me though.  I mean, he hit the wall for crying out loud.  Maybe Romo should have been able to strike out Valdez in the first place, seeing as the guy’s only had two hits in his last six games.

And here’s another thing, summed up quite nicely by my favorite Twitter quote of the evening:

“Only the Giants could get 17 hits and not win a game on extra innings.” – @artsyfartsyalex

Totally!  How come it takes us 2.83 hits to get a run and the other team 1.14?  What’s better?  Shooting 200 arrows at a target and getting three bullseyes or shooting four arrows at a target and getting three bulleyes?  The latter of course, duh! 

hitthetarget.jpgPeople say our team can’t hit.  Oh we can hit.  We just can’t score! 

But there’s more blaming again. Really we had the game in the 9th, and the Phillies just took it from us.  Good on ya Phillies.  We take your first place standing, you take ours. 

Let’s move on…to the Rockies!

Two for Tuesday Against Phillies

Okay, I borrowed that line from an headline.  Shame.  But we won the series!  Now how about a sweep?  Seems likely since Lincecum is on the mound tonight, but ya never know.

One lesson the Phillies hopefully learned yesterday (or didn’t learn so that they keep losing) is that if you hit the ball anywhere near Schierholtz, do not go for the double, he will get you.  Both Ryan Howard and Chase Utley found out the hard way that they were being too dang greedy.

mrgreedy.JPGSpeaking of Chase Utley though, got to hand it to him and Castro for that amazing double play.  Hate to see it, of course, but it was pretty entertaining.

castroutleydoubleplay.jpgTwelve hits, six RBIs and two home runs from the Giants, so their hitting seems to be getting better.  I especially like the RBIs, because it seems like we’ve been missing opportunities to get players on the plate home.

idhitit.jpgWellemeyer (who’s name I can never spell without looking up) got his first win this season by pitching seven innings with only three hits and two runs.  And here I was worried that the Phillies were facing us with Wellemeyer and Sánchez as starters, but they both did great!

toddwellemeyer.jpgI’m finding it weird to watch the Giants play the Phillies, because not six months ago, I was on the edge of my seat rooting for the Phillies to beat the Yankees.  I toyed with naming my kid Chase Lee, for crying out loud!  Mostly still the same guys, but now I want them to lose, though I still find myself appreciating some of their talent, more so than I have other teams we’ve faced.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Chase Utley get his 1,000th hit tonight, even though that means he got a hit off us, which I don’t want. Oh the dilemma!

onthefence.jpgNaw, I like the Phillies, but I want the sweep.  Just temporary crazy talk on my part!  We’re back to tied for first with the Padres (man those guys won’t go away) and we just knocked the Phillies down to second place behind the Mets, which just can’t make sense to anyone, but man is it satisfying.

standings20100428.jpgMaintain!  Maintain!  Maintain!

Two Out of Three Against the Red Robins

Didn’t sweep ’em, but at least we won another series.  Still trailing behind San Diego though, but soooo close.  But now we’re up against the Phillies who, like the Cardinals, are number one in their division, plus they did that whole “making it to the World Series last year” thing.  And Sánchez and Wellemeyer are pitching the first two games, and they haven’t been so hot.  So…scary! 

But there’s me being pessimistic again.  You can do it guys!  They ain’t got nothing!  (Actually, more on this in another post, me thinks.)

Don’t have much to say about the Cardinals, other than:

HATE orange jersey Friday, or whatever it’s called.  I’m using the word HATE here.  I love their current uniforms, why are we screwing ’em up on Fridays? 

orangejersey.jpgLOVE that our pitchers strike out the greatest baseball player of all time, past, present, future, blah blah blah.  (Well except for that one home run, but let’s not dwell on that.)

albertpujols.jpgWe still can’t hit.  In game two, I think both our runs were results of Cardinal errors.  Lucky us.  We also seem to miss out on a lot of RBI opportunities.  On the flip side, our pitchers are so good, no one can hit off us either.  Makes for some very low scoring, close games.  We’re not going to see a 20-zip Giants game anytime soon. 

strikeouts.jpgAll-in-all, nice to take a series again.  Would have preferred a sweep, of course, but the Cardinals are a tough team, so two out of three is all you can ask for.  Now let’s do the same against the Phillies!

P.S.  The Kid and I were watching last night’s game and she looked at me and said, “Who are those guys?  The Red Robins?”  Adorable!


SEA @SF | SF @ COL | OAK @ SF | SF @ SEA | MIL  @SF

Eeks, I’m behind.  That’s what happens when your weekend looks like this, I guess!

fixafaucet.pngSEA @ SF

seaatsf20100311.jpgSigh.  7-2.  Creamed too.  Three hits in five innings.  Sounds like the the hitting problems of last year may not be completely fixed, eh?  Lincecum still not doing so well because he had a huge raise and contract now and that’s why the word “ironic” was invented.  Actually I’m going to chalk that up to it being spring training and he’s just experimenting.  Yeah, that’s it.  DeRosa continues to play some decent small ball.   


sfatcol20100312.jpgYay!  8-2.  Creaming the opposition this time.  (Wait, that sounds gross.)  Way to go Todd Wellemeyer on having your best spring training game yet, four scoreless innings and no walks!


oakatsf20100313.jpgAwww, bummer!  8-3.  First “rivalry” loss, and soooo close too.  Better than being clobbered, I guess.  Matt Cain not doing so hot this round, giving up five runs and eight hits.  Buster Posey still making hits though.  I like that name, Buster Posey.  Totally “famous” sounding baseball name.  How can a guy named Buster Posey not make it in baseball?


sfatsea20100313.jpgW00t!  Fine, you clobber us?  We’ll clobber you back!  9-3.  Kevin Pucetas retires nine Mariners and extends his scoreless inning streak to lucky number seven.


milatsf20030314.jpgAnd we end with a bummer.  9-4.  Nuff said.

Three wins, two losses and one new faucet.  Not a bad weekend, all-in-all.  It feels kind of redundant to keep recapping all this stuff, especially when there are people out there doing a way better job of it than I.    But I guess I’ll keep doing it, because what else is there to talk about?  Would be great to actually SEE one of these games sometime, but apparently only likes the Yankees and Red Sox. 

Still on fake-top!