Forgetful Father

I forgot to post the pictures my wife got me for Father’s Day of my son.  They turned out great!  And should he ever decide to grow up and disappoint his daddy by becoming a Dodgers fan or something, at least I have these as blackmail!

giantjames001.jpg giantjames002.jpg giantjames003.jpg giantjames004.jpg giantjames005.jpg giantjames006.jpg giantjames007.jpg

Sox Knocked Off

Well, our socks anyway.  Red Sox took the series, but at least we weren’t swept!  By the skin of our teeth, mind you, but a victory is a victory.

victory.jpgThe wife and kids were out on Friday, which is a rarity but perfect timing in that I got to watch the first game uninterrupted.  Right off the bat, the Sox score three runs.  But then the Giants catch up in the second and pass them in the third and then get yet another in the eighth.  But that’s not enough for me.  I know better at this point.  It could be 12-1 Giants, and I’d still be wary of the ninth.  And it wasn’t 12-1 Giants, it was 5-3 Giants.  So I was standing a lot in the end, my palms were sweating and the Sox made Wilson work for that last out.  They even had to get one more run in before we finally finished them off.  Three innings with loaded bases, ten walks, three wild pitches and we eek out a win by one run.  Awesome but TORTURE! 

torture.jpgI skipped watching Saturday in favor of taking the family to see TOY STORY 3.  Excellent picture, perhaps my least favorite of the three, but maybe that’s because I’ve only seen it the one time so far. I doubt they will make more after this, and you couldn’t ask for a better story for the characters to go out on.  I dug it. I didn’t dig that we lost 4-2, however.  In a surprise (for me anyway) last minute change, they brought up Madison Bumgarner to start the game, and I think he did okay.  Sure, the Giants lost, but he only allowed four runs and pitched seven innings.  Pretty good for a rookie.  I’d like to see more of him. 

MadisonBumgarner.jpgSunday went to my wife’s BFF’s house to watch the game on the big screen.  HD is funny in that everyone seems much uglier on TV.  Not sure if I want it now or not.  The grass was never greener at AT&T park though, I’ll admit that.  Great scenery shots on a perfect cloudless day in San Francisco.  Aaand we lose again, pretty much the same way we did the day before.  The Sox score right off the bat, and then we spend the rest of the game trying to hold them at bay and catch up.  Lincecum floundered through three innings before being pulled.  Our Golden Boy isn’t so golden these days. He’s 8-3 mind you, but that’s not good enough for a back-to-back Cy Young winner, right?  We eek out one run in the first because Andres Torres steals makes it to first when no one else could and then proceeds to steal two bases, ensuring his status as the World’s Fastest Giant.  Otherwise, the Giants don’t do much and the Sox take the rubber match 5-1.

istock_face-punch.jpgSo 2-1 Red Sox.  Since I had a fairly bad feeling about them coming to town in the first place, I guess I’m happy we at least took one game and avoided a sweep.  Can’t deny their all-star status, it was a very exciting weekend with them in town.  If I was a jerk, I could say that, while we didn’t win, we at least injured one of their starters in each of the three games. If I was a jerk.

jerkstore.jpgAfter lunch at the BFF’s house, we moved on to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner where her husband, my father-in-law and I decided to watch the Yankees/Dodgers game, in hopes that at least the Dodgers would also lose, allowing the Giants to keep their second place status.  But nope!  5-0 Dodgers.  Bummer. it’s 5-2 Dodgers.  Wait…now it’s 6-6 and going into extra innings.  Now it’s the 10th inning and the Yankees take it 8-6!  Unbelievable rally, and even more unbelievable that there was a room full of Giants fans rooting for the Yankees.  A rarity and somewhat fun.  I’m sure the Dodgers are pissed at losing their lead.  I wonder if being pissed is a good thing for the Giants today.  Will they be tired and sloppy or more determined than ever to make up for yesterday? 

Monte Irvin’s number 20 was officially retired on Saturday, making him the 11th player to have his number retired by the San Francisco Giants. Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry and Orlando
Cepeda all showed up to honor one of their own.  Congratulations Monte!  Sorry we lost on your big day!

monteirvin.jpgJonathan Sanchez’s no-hitter celebrated its 5 year anniversary on Sunday. Sanchez was the fifth Giant in history to pitch a no-hitter, and he was joined by the other four, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry,
Ed Halicki and John Montefusco. 
Congratulations Jonathan!  Sorry we lost on your big day!

thenonos.jpgCrazy weekend, full of awesome stuff. I feel like I’m skipping half of it.  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got two rivalries on the west coast playing each others teams. 

0 0 0 0 0 0 0

That’s our stats against the Padres.  Seven zeroes.  Seven. 

mugato.jpgI haven’t been posting that much lately, as my internet connection has been touch and go, and MLBlogs is hard enough to post on without having to deal with a slow connection.

slowconnection.jpgSo what did I miss?  Lost a series to the Mets.  I don’t know much about the Mets, but aren’t they supposed to suck or something?  I mean, that’s all I really hear about them.  I’ve always thought, were I a New York resident, I would almost have to root for the Mets over the Yankees to support my local underdog.  But apparently they’re good enough for the Giants, because they beat us 2-0. 
Then we get swept by the Padres.  Again.  Eck.  I can’t even remember the games now, and I was there!  I hadn’t planned on going to any games this month, but I managed to score a cheap ticket via  a Twitter contact.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a baseball game.  I think it was Giants.  I think it was Candlestick.  I think it was against the Padres, and I think the Padres won.  We’ve come full circle, folks.  Anyway, The Girl and The Dude came along, and a good time was had despite the game.  Look how cute little man is, and we still lost!  How is that possible?

girlanddude.jpgThen we sweep the Astros.  w00t!

gogiants.jpgBut now we’re back in San Diego.  What the heck?  Can’t we get a break?  Can we stop for a minute, catch our breath, lick our wounds, figure out what we’re doing wrong?  Nope, let’s go right back in it!  And what’s worse is the Dodgers are on an eight game winning streak, creaming the Padres in the process!  So we’re facing our new mortal enemies for the third time this season (and losing so far), struggling for second place, while our old stand by mortal enemies are right behind us and showing no signs of slowing down.
rockandahardplace.jpgClaustrophobia, anyone?


Not sure what to write about lately.  The big news, other than Sánchez hitting 200, is that the Giants and Lincecum avoided arbitration and finally settled on a deal.  For the one person out there who hasn’t already heard about this, the deal is $8 million in 2010, $13 million in 2011 and a $1 million signing bonus to be awarded each season.

So…yeah okay.  While I’ve been following the “drama” I never really thought for a second that the two parties couldn’t come up with an agreement of some kind.  I think everyone was going crazy and overreacting a tad that the Giants dared to haggle with their superstar, but I personally think it’s their job to get the most bang for their buck, like any other business.  I’m glad they ultimately avoided arbitration.  I think Tim could have got more, but then again a $7,350,000 raise ain’t nothing to sneeze at! 

In random news, I’ve been recording CSN as a replacement for Hot Stove on the MLB Network, and it’s actually working out better.  Other than missing out on the exclusive Bob Costas interview type stuff, CSN only talks about local stuff, so I can catch up with everything in about 15 minutes before I head to work. 

In even more news that isn’t really news because it’s about me, The Girl got me a Giants sweatshirt for my birthday.  Cool eh?

Lastly…pitchers and catchers report today!

Game On!

I don’t have lots of money and free time so season tickets are not in  my future.  But I decided I would like to at least go to one game this year, rather than seeing them all on TV, especially after hitting Fan Fest last week.  It’s probably more comfortable and easier to watch on TV while sitting in your living room, but I want to experience the camaraderie and noise of the crowd. 

So wanting the one game I go to this season to be good, I wanted a Dodgers game.  I figure the Giants playing against the Dodgers, the supposed oldest rivalry in baseball history, has got to be a more interesting game than if they were playing, say the Colorado Rockies.  They are playing the Dodgers nine times this season, but only one of those times was a day game during the weekend, so that was my choice.  Got me and The Girl some nose bleed seats hovering over home plate.  Based on the digital stadium seating on the Giants’ website, they don’t look too bad.  But even if they are, live and learn, we’ll still be there and at least we’ll have a nice view of the ocean!  So there’s that.  Going to a Giants vs Dodgers game.  w00t! 

giantsvsdodgers.jpgBUT THEN, I also signed up for The Giant Race, which is a half marathon race that ends on home plate (the only plate on AT&T park I haven’t touched yet).  The reasons for signing up are documented on my personal blog, but essentially I feel fat and lazy, so setting this goal will be a good motivator.

thegiantrace.jpgAfter I signed up, I got an e-mail telling me that because I signed up so early, I get a free ticket to the Giants vs A’s game held the night before the race, and any additional tickets I would want for that game would only be $25!  So now I’m going to two games this year, both against fun teams to watch the Giants beat!  I have no idea where the seats are for the A’s game, so I’m assuming more nose bleeding will be involved, but so what?  Free ticket! 

Bought two more, one for The Girl and one for The Kid, who’ll we’ll have that weekend.  We’ll probably make a day of it in San Francisco, followed up by a night game against the A’s, then stay over in a hotel so I can get up bright and early to run my *** off the next day.  Can’t wait!

giantsvsathletics.jpgSpeaking of The Kid, not sure I ever have here before. She is my six year old step-daughter from my wife’s previous marriage.  She’s very cute, very smart, a bundle of sass, your typical obnoxious six year old you can’t get enough of. 

She’s been somewhat interested in my new found interest for baseball.  She’s always asking me who my team is and trying to figure out who everyone’s team is and why people like this and don’t like that, etc.   Her dad is a Dodgers fan and her step dad is a Giants fan, so sucks to be her. 

But she’s decided she likes the Yankees, da rat.  One of her favorite movies is Everyone’s Hero, about a boy named Yankee Irving, who recovers the Babe’s stolen bat and makes a trek across America in an attempt to return it to him.  So she probably thinks the boy is cute, and since he’s a Yankees fan, she’s gonna be one too.

yankeeirving.jpgThis morning we were sitting on the couch, waiting for it to be time to head to school, when she pointed to my striped dress shirt and said, “Hey you look like a Yankee!”

Yikes…look what I’ve done!  

MLB Network, Denied!

So one of my favorite past times as of late has been to watch the MLB Network when I’m fighting the sleep demons (or when The Girl isn’t looking).  They certainly liked to repeat their shows, but for a n00b like me, Hot Stove and all these Top 9 shows have been fairly informative for my ignorant brain. 

At the beginning of this year, our DirecTV “deal” was over, so we decided to jump on a new “deal” and switch to Dish Network.  But, come to find out Dish Network does not carry the MLB Network. 

aaugh.jpgI didn’t think to check before I switched over, and even if I did I think we would have switched anyway, but bummer!  News-wise, I can browse, so no real loss there, but the historical shows will be missed. 

Speaking of TV, I’ve been toying with the idea of subscribing to MLB.TV when the season starts, but I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not.  Half the reviews give it a thumbs up, the other a thumbs down. 

I just don’t see myself watching live that much, what with the rest of the family not being into it and a baby on the way, etc.  Or maybe I’ll just rely on DVR, but is that as all encompassing as MLB.TV?  

Anywhere out there desperate enough to be reading this have a subscription?  What do you think?

2009 World Series: Game 5

Jane Heller must not have ate her lucky pizza.

I’ve watched two games of this World Series so far, and both times the Phillies won.  I’m starting to feel their fate is tied into my viewing schedule. 

I was getting a little tired of baseball.  My last post was kind of crabby about it.  Maybe because the Phillies were losing, but more likely because I think I was having a bit of an overdose.  I went from having nothing to do with sports to being obsessed about baseball, and I think my brain got tired and I needed a break. 

I wasn’t even thinking about watching the game when I got home, but The Girl inexplicably turned it on for me when I walked in the door, just in time for me to see the Yankees score their first run.  Off to a great start! 

But then Utley decided to keep his “Mr. Homerun” title intact and hit a couple homers, and the Phillies were suddenly on top.


But then the Yankees started catching up again, and it became a race to the finish, and I found myself on the edge of my seat.  My palms were sweating as the Fox announcer made some stupid jinxy comment about how no team has ever caught up on a 3+ lead in the 9th of a World Series, and then Jeter stepped up looking like he was going to prove that announcer wrong. (Or was it A-Rod? I have a theory they are the same person.)


I did one of those when they got a double play off Jeter and there was only one more out to go.  And then Damon got on base and I got nervous again as they kept showing A-Rod warming up. (Or was it Jeter?  I have a theory they are the same person.) 

Then The Girl came out to the living room and wondered if I was every coming to bed and asked me how long the game was going to last and when I looked back to the TV to answer her…it was over! 

And yes, it was cool that the Phillies won, but if the Yankees had ended up catching up at the 9th, that would have been a fun game too.  It was an exciting game!  Edge-of-your-seat exciting!  Bring on Game 6!