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That’s our stats against the Padres.  Seven zeroes.  Seven. 

mugato.jpgI haven’t been posting that much lately, as my internet connection has been touch and go, and MLBlogs is hard enough to post on without having to deal with a slow connection.

slowconnection.jpgSo what did I miss?  Lost a series to the Mets.  I don’t know much about the Mets, but aren’t they supposed to suck or something?  I mean, that’s all I really hear about them.  I’ve always thought, were I a New York resident, I would almost have to root for the Mets over the Yankees to support my local underdog.  But apparently they’re good enough for the Giants, because they beat us 2-0. 
Then we get swept by the Padres.  Again.  Eck.  I can’t even remember the games now, and I was there!  I hadn’t planned on going to any games this month, but I managed to score a cheap ticket via  a Twitter contact.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a baseball game.  I think it was Giants.  I think it was Candlestick.  I think it was against the Padres, and I think the Padres won.  We’ve come full circle, folks.  Anyway, The Girl and The Dude came along, and a good time was had despite the game.  Look how cute little man is, and we still lost!  How is that possible?

girlanddude.jpgThen we sweep the Astros.  w00t!

gogiants.jpgBut now we’re back in San Diego.  What the heck?  Can’t we get a break?  Can we stop for a minute, catch our breath, lick our wounds, figure out what we’re doing wrong?  Nope, let’s go right back in it!  And what’s worse is the Dodgers are on an eight game winning streak, creaming the Padres in the process!  So we’re facing our new mortal enemies for the third time this season (and losing so far), struggling for second place, while our old stand by mortal enemies are right behind us and showing no signs of slowing down.
rockandahardplace.jpgClaustrophobia, anyone?


Dear Fellas,

Sorry about my post yesterday.  Here I go saying I’m not going to get pessimistic, and then go and get pessimistic in the same dang sentence!  But I know it’s just a rut, and the only way to keep ruts powerful is to dwell on them, so let’s not.  We can shake this, it’s no big deal, plenty more games to show off some greatness still.  We’ve had a day off, what’s done is done, let’s move forward.

Going against St. Louis tonight.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  Sure, they’re number one in their division right now, but so were you just one game ago, and you can be again, so let’s not worry about that.  Sure they have “the greatest baseball player past present and future blah blah blah” Albert Pujols, but he ain’t even batting .300 right now, and we have Lincecum starting tonight (I think), so no worries there either. 

So get on out there tonight and show ’em what for!  Do it for yourself.  Do it for us.  Do it for this guy:

thedude.jpgHe’s counting on ya, don’t let him down!

Now Batting…

I love baseball…movies.

I grew up geek.  No
one in my house cared about sports.  If
we watched the World Series or the Super Bowl, it was just as an excuse to eat
chips and dip.

Growing up, I played the obligatory t-ball and softball (and
swimming and soccer) but I can’t say any fond memories were generated.

In high school, I picked the lonely sport of Cross Country,
mostly to get out of PE.  My friends and
I were more interested in comic books and fantasy novels and despised real
sports because they were populated by jocks, and jocks were popular and in
better shape than us and often had girlfriends.

After high school, my Best Good Friend and I attempted
working out on multiple occasions and often joked that maybe we should have
embraced sports after all, as it would have kept us in shape and taught us how
to push through pain and succeed once in a while.  (And we would have had girlfriends.)

About seven months ago I got The Girl (aka my wife)
pregnant.  We are having a boy.  See?


A week ago, I joked with my brother-in-law (a huge sports
fanatic) that my boy will most likely be an uber-jock, just to ensure I have
nothing to offer him, while his future son (he and his wife are trying for a 3rd)
will come out a huge nerd.  Then we’ll
have to swap kids.  Funny, huh?

Four days ago my little joke got in my head and I decided to
check out some sports websites, just to see how hard it would be to catch up
with the world, and I’ve been hooked on MLB ever since.