I was definitely a baseball rookie when I started this blog.  And not that I’m a veteran now, but I do feel I’m smarter about the sport than I was.  Looking back on what I’ve written so far, I feel fairly happy about my output, with one minor flaw. 

I don’t think I’m a Giants fan…!

I think I just picked them because of proximity; because I like San Francisco as a city.  Does that mean they should be my favorite team though?  Liking a city seems like a dumb reason to like a team.

So who do I really like? 

After much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a Dodgers fan.   

I can’t help it!  I know it’s blasphemy, but I find myself drawn to them.  I originally thought this was because they were the Giants’ biggest rival, so I was just paying attention to them and covering them a lot to keep up with the enemy.  But I can’t fool myself any more, I’m paying attention to them because they’re cooler. 

Why do I think they’re cooler?  Here’s why:

dodgersworldseries.jpgMaybe they haven’t beaten the Giants more than the Giants have beaten them, but they’ve won more Division titles, NL pennants and World Series championships!

dodgersuniform.jpgBlue is my favorite color, and the Dodgers not only sport it, but it’s called Dodger Blue.  Plus they’ve been very traditional with their uniforms, hardly changing anything about them over the years, which I respect immensely.  Maybe uniform design is a shallow reason to like a team, but hey! I’m shallow!  And really, I can’t stand the idea of dressing up in Halloween colors all the time just to show my love for something.  Yick. 

lauraconrad.jpgBecause they’re located in LA, hot celebrities like them.  Maybe that’s a shallow reason, but hey! I’m shallow and I’d rather see pretty people at my ballpark of choice than say…this guy!

rally-pumpkin.jpgCan ya blame me?

dodgersstadium.jpgThey hold the record for the largest attendance, with 115,300 in 2008.  Who am I to argue with 115,300 fans?

jackierobinson.jpgThey were the first MLB franchise to employ and start a black player, and I am all about equality.

battinghelmet.jpgFirst team to use the batting helmet, and I am all about safety.

television.jpgFirst team to be broadcast on television, and I am all about television.

Yep, anyway you look at it, I just feel like the Dodgers are a better fit for me.  Sorry Giants fans.  I honestly didn’t mean to steer this blog in the wrong direction.  I just didn’t know what I was doing when I started.  I guess I should have put more thought into it.

This post feels more right to me than any of my posts that have come before, so I’m confident I’m on the right track now and I’m glad I figured out this important detail right before the 2010 season starts, so now I can spend my time rooting for the right team.


Speaking of shallow…just one more kick-*** reason to be a Dodgers fan!

mytownthisis.jpgCooler than that it does not get! 



I LOVE the new scoreboard layout on MLB.  Way cooler. 


milatsf20100329.jpgHow many times can you beam Fielder and call it an “accident?”  Seriously, enough’s enough!  The first time was too much, let’s not create a new “beam Fielder” tradition every time we play the Brewers.  It’s beyond childish at this point. 



Only one more spring training game and then we’re on to the real thing.  The world seems excited about this team, and I am too.  On the other hand, it’s a clean slate for everyone, so if you have a team you’re not excited about, that sucks.  It’s also unlikely.  Which coach is on television this season saying “Yeah, we probably don’t have a chance…”?  None of them, for sure.  Everyone thinks their team is going to be it this year, that’s why the beginning of the season is so great, nothing bad has happened yet, and there’s plenty of time to get there. 

Spring training means nothing, but if it did, we’re looking pretty good!

standings20100331.jpgOnly one more fake game to go, and it’s a biggiee.  Can we lock it in and take them out twice?  Random guy says YES!


LAA @ SF | SF @ LAA | SD @ SF







More balance.  We beat the Angels, they beat us back.  (But we beat them by more – neener!)  Lose to my brother’s team, the Padres.  That sucks.  (They probably aren’t his team anymore, but they were for a little while there, so I still associate him with them.)


sfatcws20100323.jpg16-6 (but who cares!). 

I don’t really know the guy I mentioned before who is the White Sox fan, but I listen to his podcast enough to where I feel good about his team losing to mine anyway.  I’ve traded a few e-mails back and forth with Jimmy Mac, co-host of the kick-assiest (totally a word) Star Wars podcast ever, The Forcecast, and I’m his best “not real” friend on Facebook too, so I make sure I post Giants vs White Sox scores on his wall.  It makes me feel good inside, even if he probably doesn’t give a crud.

What does this have to do with anything?  Nothing really, other than A) It’s cool that there’s a baseball fanatic out there who’s also a geek and B) A win is more fun when you can rub it in someone’s face.

Is that so wrong? 

SF @ OAK | CLE @ SF | CIN @ SF | SF @ ARI | TEX @  SF

I think I’ve decided that spring training is stupid from a spectators point of view. 

Either your team or player of choice is doing awesome, so that’s officially what you can expect for the upcoming season, or they suck so it doesn’t count because they’re just experimenting and spring training means nothing. 

Either you’re a veteran player who is using springing training as practice to try out new things so your numbers mean nothing, or you’re a wannabe rookie trying to work his way up into a position and your numbers mean everything (except even then they should still mean nothing because you’re playing against veterans who may or may not be doing what they would normally do AKA their best). 

So I wonder if I should continue to post and comment on these scores, because what can you really comment about?  “Oh he looks good (but it doesn’t matter!).”  “Oh, he played horrible (but it doesn’t matter!).”  Yeah, that’s pretty much it. 

But I started it, so I guess I’ll finish it. What else am I going to do with this blog?  Come up with something original?  Ha!  As I’ve been under the weather for the past week, I’m a bit behind.











Five games, five wins, still #1 (but it doesn’t matter!).



10-4, good buddy!

sfattx20100315.jpgPosey still hitting like crazy, averaging .440 for the spring and Fred Lewis got to be a DH rarity and hit a two run homer.  Brian Wilson closed 6 out of 7 batters.  Why does it seem like everyone but the two superstars of last season are doing awesome this spring? 

This game was available on MLB.tv last night, but damn if I could get it to work.  I kept getting a “lost connection” error.  I don’t know if this is common with live games, as like a bandwidth issue, or if I was just having crummy internet connectivity.  So far MLB.tv is a bust for me.  Oh well.