We’re Not Worthy

Maybe  July was just an easy month.  Mets, D-Backs, Marlins, Brewers, not the cream of the crop, to be sure.  Yeah, there was the Rockies and Dodgers in there too, so I was thinking the success was legit, but they seem to be sliding now.  There’s a lot of season to go, but its facing the Padres, Phillies, Cardinals, Reds, Padres, Rockies, Dodgers, oh and more Padres and Padres.  We’re five games back and second place in the Wild Card race.  Yes, there’s a lot more season to go, but…

uphill.jpgR.I.P. Bobby Thomson who died Monday at 86.  I’d like to experience something like that with the Giants someday.    The whole jumping up and down thing.  That would be cool.


Gone Fishing

As if in honor of Willie’s birthday Giants finally swept again!

sweeptheleg.jpgAre we sick of the Karate Kid references yet?  Yeah, me too.  Anyway, I can’t remember who said this, I think it was on the post game show, but it’s completely true.  Giants Baseball = TORTURE!

torture.jpgTwo out of three games they won by the skin of their teeth.  That first one especially, they “went plaid” again with 13 innings.  Thank god Rowand tied it up in the 9th with that very timely home run. 

aaronrowand.jpgSecond game, the Marlins load the bases, what?  Twice?  With zero outs.  I can’t remember if that’s what really happened, but if felt like it.  Thank god for Romo, who bailed us out and let us keep our one run lead.  Can’t believe I’m saying, because I’ve been kind of despising Romo this season.

lovehate.jpgYesterday’s game was a little less pressure, as we had 3 runs on ’em by the end, thanks to Cain’s 6 inning shutout, but the Marlins still managed to squeeze one more out before the Giants ended things, and I admit I got a little nervous, because this season has proved that it ain’t over until it’s over.

fatladysings.gifOur starting pitchers keep the other team at bay. Our weak hitting keeps the other team competitive, despite our starting pitchers.  Our bullpen seems to drop the ball and ruin our leads around the 8th or 9th inning every game, which makes being cocky and confident an impossibility. 

overconfidence.gifBut I’m not here to complain.  We swept!  We took the last series. Whatever we’re doing is currently working, it just makes for some real nail biters. 

nailbiter.jpgOff to New York, #1 again in our division, with a three game winning streak under our belt.


Rockin’ Weekend

Kinda.  Didn’t get the sweep.  I guess Jhoulys Chacin knows the crane kick because he shut us out for seven innings in the last game. 

cranekick.jpgSpeaking of shut out, no game two on television?  The one day I actually could have sat down and watched a good chunk of it, and it was know where to be found on Direct TV.  What’s that about?

tvsucks.jpgTrying to recap the last game on baseball-reference.com, but how do ya read all this stuff?  How can I tell who started for the Giants?  How can I tell who was pitching in the 5th when the Rockies scored 3?  That information has to be somewhere amongst all these numbers and abbreviations, but I’m sure not finding it. 

confused-baby.jpgAnyway, congrats to Cain for finally kicking *** in game two!  Only gave up one hit and zero runs in eight innings.  Fantastic!  And congrats to Zito for his first ever 4-0 record, with the help of Romo and Affeldt.  Cliff Lee thinks you’re all very cool! 

awesomepitchers.jpgOne final thought on this series…what’s with the jerseys?

rockiesjersey.jpgNow off to Florida to face the Marlins.  They don’t sound especially scary, so let’s not let them whup us!  Should I do the prediction stat thing again?  Meh, who cares?  What happens happens.  Our W-L% is .583 and the Marlins have a .520, so we should win, right?  Right?  Exactly.

How We Do 2010

With the real season coming up here quick, let’s take a moment to see what we look like in the grand scheme of things before we add another year of numbers.  (AKA, another excuse to make charts in Excel!) 

w-l2010part1.jpgFrom beginning of time to last season, the Giants rank #2 in the league for win percentage.  Not bad really.  The Yankees are the winner, of course, and it doesn’t look like they will be dethroned anytime soon.  Dodgers are catching up, but we still got a decent enough gap there.  (And just as an FYI, we rank #1 in total actual wins, but since not every
team started in the 1800s, that standing isn’t exactly a fair comparison.)

And since I was at it, here’s the rest of the league, for my imaginary readers whose team didn’t make the top 15:

w-l2010part2.jpgI’m betting Rays fans are hard core. 

Now about some head-to-head?  How do we compare to other teams on a face-to-face level? 

head-to-head-2010national.jpgGiants are still beating out everyone else in the National League.  They have more wins vs losses than each and every team, though it looks like the Dodgers are a few wins away from pushing that bar to the left.  But that’s what makes good rivalry, right?  Who wants to have a rivalry with a team that sucks?

head-to-head-2010american.jpgAmerican League is kicking our butts a bit harder.  Of course, we face them much less, which makes each loss much more powerful than the National League chart.  Looks like 6 out of 14 teams are beating us more than we’re beating them, including the A’s, which…sucky!  Still above average though.

All-in-all not a bad state of affairs.  Again though, this is over the Giants entire history, so I’m betting a lot of their momentum was built back in the day. Best make sure we keep things going so we can stay on top, eh?

The Mighty Giants

Mottoes?  Subtitles?  Tag lines?  Slogans?

I don’t know what they’re called, but some teams have “we rock!” type sayings on top of their websites, as well as in their stadiums, on merchandise, and anywhere else they can think to plaster it. 

Up until Spring Training came along, the Giants’ slogan read, “Your Giants.”  Now it reads, “It’s Magic Inside.” 

I don’t know how often these things change, or whether anyone even pays attention to them when they do, but can I say yuck on the new idea?  Now they sound like they play at the Magic Kingdom or were turned into candy bars or something.

Here’s a commercial with the new slogan, invented by the marketing genius that is Swirl:

I liked “Your Giants” better.  It sounded more personal to us, like “Hey!  We have our very own team!  Cool, huh?”  It also sorta paralleled or bizarro-fied the evil Dodgers slogan of “This is My Town.”  Yours.  Mine.  See?  It goes together. 

So who else has tag lines? I tried to Google the answer, but either I can’t effectively search for a complete list because I do not know what to call them, or no one cares about them and hasn’t bothered to make one. 

So I’ll make one.

As of right now, at least based off their websites, of the 30 major league teams, 11 have slogans, 5 on the American League and 6 on the National League.


  • Chicago White Sox – There Are Traditions.  And There Are White Sox Traditions.
  • Cleveland Indians – Are You In The Tribe?
  • Detroit Tigers – Always A Tiger
  • Seattle Mariners – Believe Big


  • Atlanta Braves – The Excitement Of Turner Field
  • Florida Marlins – Serious Fun.  Get On It!
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – This Is My Town
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • San Francisco Giants – It’s Magic Inside.
  • Washing Nationals – Nats Town: Get Your Red On

So who wins?  I don’t know, maybe the Dodgers, doesn’t that suck?  I like the Pirates’ and White Sox’ too, though “Sox traditions” make me think of cheating, so maybe that’s not so hot. 

It’s Magic Inside.  Bleh. 

Salary vs. Performance

I came across this cool applet that displays a team’s salary by year and compares/contrasts it to their performance for the same year. You can slide the date bar on top around to see how your team did throughout the season, but here’s a screen shot for the end of 2009:

salaryvsperformance2009.jpgI don’t know how accurate this information is, or what to even take from it really. I keep reading here and there about how money makes teams in the MLB, but this chart doesn’t necessarily confirm that.  Although the Yankees pay the most and are #1, so there’s that.  But there are also a lot of red lines (bad performances) in the top 10 salary positions, so maybe money isn’t everything.  At least the Giants appear to have used their money wisely! 

Facebook Wars: The League

Last war, I swear, and this one’s all out.  Let’s see how the Giants fair in the National League:

National League Fans
Arizona Diamondbacks 57,822
Atlanta Braves 209,828
Chicago Cubs 446,474
Cincinnati Reds 72,063
Colorado Rockies 89,973
Florida Marlins 74,655
Houston Astros 102,833
Los Angeles Dodgers 118,844
Milwaukee Brewers 133,330
New York Mets 155,838
Philadelphia Phillies 272,750
Pittsburgh Pirates 59,735
San Diego Padres 58,558
San Francisco Giants 300,691
Saint Louis Cardinals 243,610
Washington Nationals 38,962

And the winner is…

Alas, Chicago takes it, but second place for the Giants, not bad!  Even with the Phillies headed for the World Series, they still fall into 3rd place.  Nice!

Now let’s look at that other League we only care about once a year:

American League Fans
Baltimore Orioles 78,528
Boston Red Sox 908,460
Chicago White Sox 186,300
Cleveland Indians 121,942
Detroit Tigers 197,837
Kansas City Royals 98,031
Los Angeles Angels 79,211
Minnesota Twins 211,973
New York Yankees 1,018,320
Oakland Athletics 186,981
Seattle Mariners 101,736
Tampa Bay Rays 93,549
Texas Rangers 98,296
Toronto Blue Jays 97,056

And the winner is:


How about if you mix them all together?


So 4th place for the Giants overall.  Not bad, and way better than I expected, for some reason.  Again, I have no idea what Facebook pages mean in terms of representing reality, but the Giants made the top five!  Who could ask for more?  I think what we really learned here is that I have way too much time on my hands.