Man post-post season is ridiculously boring, isn’t it?  Even Jane Heller has been reduced to move reviewing.  There could be news if someone would actually do something, but so far there’s just unanswered questions, like…

1) Will Aubrey Huff and Juan Uribe like their offers and come back next year?
2) Will Jonathan Sanchez, Andres Torres, Cody Ross, Mike Fontenot, Ramon Ramirez, Santiago Casilla, Javier Lopez and Chris Ray come to arbitration agreements?  
3) Will Zito learn to pitch again or will they downgrade him to an 8 bazillion dollar bench warmer?  
4 Will Pablo Sandoval be playing next season or will he eat himself out of baseball during the break?  
5)  Will Mark DeRosa…do…um…anything?  
Heck, I’m so bored I’m even watching to see what happens to Jeter and Werth!  I think they should come to the Giants.  Yeah right.

Movable Hype Pro

So I was attempting to post a comment at Confessions of a She-Fan and I got denied.  See, I posted two comments already, and then the author replied, so I attempted to reply back.  But since Movable Type Pro, the software used to run all these blogs, posted the authors reply to my comment before my comment, even though she wrote her comment after my comment, it now things I am attempting to comment three times in a row and won’t let me comment. 

This got me to thinking how much I don’t like Movable Type Pro.  Or at least, I don’t like MLBlogs version and setup of Movable Type Pro.  As I’ve never used it outside of this site, I couldn’t tell ya if there’s a better way to set it up.

Here’s some things I specifically don’t like:

  • Comments are sometimes out of order.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen and it’s confusing. 
  • There is no sidebar control.  I either want options as to what I put on my sidebar, or at the very least I want options as to what order things are displayed. 
  • No export ability, as far as I can tell.  If the MLB decides to shut this down, will all our hard work just disappear?  No backup options? 
  • Slooow.  I don’t know if this is Movable type or just MLBlogs, but it takes forever to get to posting sometimes, or to get an image inserted into a post.  Or even just to view the dang blog.
  • Image handling is weird and posting itself is often glitchy or perhaps
    the software is assuming it knows what I want and changing things on me.
  • I like the themes offered somewhat, but I wish there was a better way to update or modify them, other than through illegally using stylesheets on the profile form. At least give us the option of a custom banner or something.

I think MLBlogs should switch to WordPress 3.0.  It fixes all the above problems, and its current incarnation allows for multiple blogs fresh off the install. 

If I could figure out a way to cross-post to here, I would move my site and use WordPress. Heck, maybe I’ll do it anyway and just copy/paste to here from time to time.  Or maybe I can e-mail each and every blogger on this network and convince them to move with me and I’ll host a new MLB blog network using WordPress 3.0 and everyone will love me for making their lives just a bit simpler.

Yeah…that will happen!

What’s the S Stand for Again?

Bay Area Slaughter?

sgtslaughter.jpgThat’s two sweeps in a row.  I watched enough of Friday’s game to see Zito give up three (of six) runs.  Watched all of Saturday’s torturous struggle, on a big screen no less, just to really give it resonance.  Could have watched Sunday’s game, but opted out after three innings because it felt like a repeat of Saturday, and frankly I was just bored.  Three games and one run, how is that not boring?  Sorry Giants.  

bored.jpgIn exchange for me crossing my fingers for the Yankees, Jane Heller was supposed to cross her fingers for the Giants on Friday.  Yankees won, Giants didn’t.  What’s up with that Jane? 

backstabber.jpgWe started out so strong, and now it feels like we’ve lost any momentum we managed to generate.  Still have more than half a season to go, but I feel like fourth place is looming dangerously close!

Nationals up next.  At home!  Can we break this horrific streak?  They are last place in pitching, batting and fielding this year.  Good god, we’d better!