Not sure what to write about lately.  The big news, other than Sánchez hitting 200, is that the Giants and Lincecum avoided arbitration and finally settled on a deal.  For the one person out there who hasn’t already heard about this, the deal is $8 million in 2010, $13 million in 2011 and a $1 million signing bonus to be awarded each season.

So…yeah okay.  While I’ve been following the “drama” I never really thought for a second that the two parties couldn’t come up with an agreement of some kind.  I think everyone was going crazy and overreacting a tad that the Giants dared to haggle with their superstar, but I personally think it’s their job to get the most bang for their buck, like any other business.  I’m glad they ultimately avoided arbitration.  I think Tim could have got more, but then again a $7,350,000 raise ain’t nothing to sneeze at! 

In random news, I’ve been recording CSN as a replacement for Hot Stove on the MLB Network, and it’s actually working out better.  Other than missing out on the exclusive Bob Costas interview type stuff, CSN only talks about local stuff, so I can catch up with everything in about 15 minutes before I head to work. 

In even more news that isn’t really news because it’s about me, The Girl got me a Giants sweatshirt for my birthday.  Cool eh?

Lastly…pitchers and catchers report today!


(Almost) Most Improved

I was perusing some MLB Network vidoes online (because as stated previously I do not get the channel anymore – sob) and I came across a clip with the following:

So that’s encouraging.  All relative of course, as they ranked 8th last year, but better than not improving.  Hot Stove’s suggestion on how they can do better this year?

Pretty much what everyone else has been saying.  So more heavy hitters, or people good at playing small ball. (I just learned that term yesterday. Pretty cool huh?)  In other words, just get on the freakin’ bases, and your kick *** pitchers will take care of the rest!

I hope the year I start following them more religiously is the year they at least make it to playoffs, even just in their Division.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they won the Series though?  What a way to start my watching career, eh?

MLB Network, Denied!

So one of my favorite past times as of late has been to watch the MLB Network when I’m fighting the sleep demons (or when The Girl isn’t looking).  They certainly liked to repeat their shows, but for a n00b like me, Hot Stove and all these Top 9 shows have been fairly informative for my ignorant brain. 

At the beginning of this year, our DirecTV “deal” was over, so we decided to jump on a new “deal” and switch to Dish Network.  But, come to find out Dish Network does not carry the MLB Network. 

aaugh.jpgI didn’t think to check before I switched over, and even if I did I think we would have switched anyway, but bummer!  News-wise, I can browse, so no real loss there, but the historical shows will be missed. 

Speaking of TV, I’ve been toying with the idea of subscribing to MLB.TV when the season starts, but I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not.  Half the reviews give it a thumbs up, the other a thumbs down. 

I just don’t see myself watching live that much, what with the rest of the family not being into it and a baby on the way, etc.  Or maybe I’ll just rely on DVR, but is that as all encompassing as MLB.TV?  

Anywhere out there desperate enough to be reading this have a subscription?  What do you think?


Man, this off season stuff has kinda ruined the momentum on this blog, if not my new found enthusiasm for baseball in general.  This winter draft stuff is the only thing that seems to be happening, and the Giants are playing it too cool to where I don’t really have anything to say about any of it.  (And even if they were wheeling and dealin’, I’m probably still too ignorant to know what to say about it.) 

The MLB has Hot Stove winter meeting episodes or plays old games, neither of which has been very exciting for me.  (Though man, the 1982 White Sox uniforms were horrible, weren’t they?)

More awards, this time by the fans.  Jeremy Affeldt was voted 2009’s best setup man during the This Year in Baseball 2009 awards.

Scary looking, ain’t he?  Now…what’s a setup man?