So none of my imaginary readers knew the answer to my question from last post.  (Or it was such an obvious answer, they didn’t bother to fill me in.)  Luckily my sports savvy brother-in-law helped me out via Facebook (and he probably didn’t even have to look it up, da rat!)

The lady in the cover is Leo Durocher’s wife, actress Laraine Day, who was often referred to as the “first lady of baseball.”  So there you have it.  Apparently she also wrote a book while still married to him called Day with the Giants.  Get it?  Day?  Laraine Day?  Okay then. 

laraineday.jpgSo that’s one thing I found out thanks to a tip from B-I-L and a 2am insomnia suffering surf of Wikipedia.  Another thing I found out is that Leo Durocher coined the phrase, “Nice guys; finish last.”  That’s crazy to me that we not only know where that saying came from, but that it came from a Giant.  As a geek, I’ve used that quote many a time to get through yet another round of not getting the girl.  I’m sure we’ve all been there, right fellas?  Right?  Uh…

Moving on. 

Somehow my Wikipedia exploration led me to Willie McCovey, whom I have heard of before, so I guess I’m not completely hopeless.  In the 1962 World Series, he did not get a base hit that would have probably won it for the Giants.  Fairly sad, but what’s interesting is that Charles Schulz made not one, but two Peanuts strips about it.  Check it:

So either Schulz was a Giants fan, or was just rooting for them in that particular Series.  Maybe he just hated the Yankees.  I know eventually he made it out here to Santa Rosa, but I think that was around 1969, and these strips are from December 1962 and January 1963.  So…who knows?  I just thought it was cool. 

I’ve officially posted about a bunch of stuff everyone already knows about.  Go me!


Giants On Ice

While I’ve been following how the Sharks have been doing, I haven’t really watched any of their games.  Mostly because I don’t have the time or an understanding wife (even though she claims hockey is her favorite sport – it’s not enough of a favorite to actually want to watch it) and also because I frankly find it hard to watch.  I must be old and blind, because mostly all I see is a bunch of dudes whizzing around.  I can never tell where the puck is or what’s going on until an announcer proclaims “goal!” 

But last night I watched, because the #1 team (Sharks) was going up against the #2 team, the Chicago Blackhawks, so there was that.  Plus, there’s a guy amongst my Facebook posse that’s really into Chicago sports, so I wanted to see him eat puck.  Alas, that did not happen, as the Blackhawks took in overtime, but check out who dropped the ceremonial puck at the start of the game!


pandaonice.jpgThe Panda!  So that was a cool surprise.  Weird to see him in Sharks getup, but at least they got the number right!

In other news, according to this tweat, The Giants are done making moves for free agents.  Really?  That seems kind of boring.  We got Mark DeRosa and Aubrey Huff and we’re done?  Maybe that’s how it always works, but I was hoping for more of a “Michael Jordan” type announcement. Wishful thinking, I guess!  (Sorry I just crossed sports analogies there!)

Facebook Wars: The League

Last war, I swear, and this one’s all out.  Let’s see how the Giants fair in the National League:

National League Fans
Arizona Diamondbacks 57,822
Atlanta Braves 209,828
Chicago Cubs 446,474
Cincinnati Reds 72,063
Colorado Rockies 89,973
Florida Marlins 74,655
Houston Astros 102,833
Los Angeles Dodgers 118,844
Milwaukee Brewers 133,330
New York Mets 155,838
Philadelphia Phillies 272,750
Pittsburgh Pirates 59,735
San Diego Padres 58,558
San Francisco Giants 300,691
Saint Louis Cardinals 243,610
Washington Nationals 38,962

And the winner is…

Alas, Chicago takes it, but second place for the Giants, not bad!  Even with the Phillies headed for the World Series, they still fall into 3rd place.  Nice!

Now let’s look at that other League we only care about once a year:

American League Fans
Baltimore Orioles 78,528
Boston Red Sox 908,460
Chicago White Sox 186,300
Cleveland Indians 121,942
Detroit Tigers 197,837
Kansas City Royals 98,031
Los Angeles Angels 79,211
Minnesota Twins 211,973
New York Yankees 1,018,320
Oakland Athletics 186,981
Seattle Mariners 101,736
Tampa Bay Rays 93,549
Texas Rangers 98,296
Toronto Blue Jays 97,056

And the winner is:


How about if you mix them all together?


So 4th place for the Giants overall.  Not bad, and way better than I expected, for some reason.  Again, I have no idea what Facebook pages mean in terms of representing reality, but the Giants made the top five!  Who could ask for more?  I think what we really learned here is that I have way too much time on my hands.

Facebook Wars: The Rivalries

Okay charts and Facebook pages are fun, so let’s do another one.  This time, let’s see how the Giants do against their dreaded rivalries:


186,983 Fans

dodgerspage.jpg118,834 Fans

giantspage.jpg300,690 Fans

1,018,157 Fans

Or to again put it graphically:


Not surprised the Yankees clobbered everyone.  I am kinda surprised the Giants came in second place though.  I thought for sure the A’s would have taken that spot.  Awesome. 

Facebook Wars: The Big Four

So Facebook has these pages, which are just like profiles really, except their used to plug a product or website or organization.  Pages have fans.  Here how the Big Four break down:

29,206 Fans
1,597,926 Fans
148,058 Fans
251,420 Fans

Do you see something wrong here?  Let me further illustrate:

bigfourfans.jpgSee?  MLB is totally losing?  I guess I already knew that, but it’s still sad to see graphically.  I would have figured the NFL to be the big winner though, but they’re all getting smoked by the NBA.  Of course, there’s nothing to say that Facebook is an accurate sampling of the planet Earth’s feelings on things, but I’m still somewhat surprised and disheartened by the outcome.