Man post-post season is ridiculously boring, isn’t it?  Even Jane Heller has been reduced to move reviewing.  There could be news if someone would actually do something, but so far there’s just unanswered questions, like…

1) Will Aubrey Huff and Juan Uribe like their offers and come back next year?
2) Will Jonathan Sanchez, Andres Torres, Cody Ross, Mike Fontenot, Ramon Ramirez, Santiago Casilla, Javier Lopez and Chris Ray come to arbitration agreements?  
3) Will Zito learn to pitch again or will they downgrade him to an 8 bazillion dollar bench warmer?  
4 Will Pablo Sandoval be playing next season or will he eat himself out of baseball during the break?  
5)  Will Mark DeRosa…do…um…anything?  
Heck, I’m so bored I’m even watching to see what happens to Jeter and Werth!  I think they should come to the Giants.  Yeah right.

2009 World Series: Game 5

Jane Heller must not have ate her lucky pizza.

I’ve watched two games of this World Series so far, and both times the Phillies won.  I’m starting to feel their fate is tied into my viewing schedule. 

I was getting a little tired of baseball.  My last post was kind of crabby about it.  Maybe because the Phillies were losing, but more likely because I think I was having a bit of an overdose.  I went from having nothing to do with sports to being obsessed about baseball, and I think my brain got tired and I needed a break. 

I wasn’t even thinking about watching the game when I got home, but The Girl inexplicably turned it on for me when I walked in the door, just in time for me to see the Yankees score their first run.  Off to a great start! 

But then Utley decided to keep his “Mr. Homerun” title intact and hit a couple homers, and the Phillies were suddenly on top.


But then the Yankees started catching up again, and it became a race to the finish, and I found myself on the edge of my seat.  My palms were sweating as the Fox announcer made some stupid jinxy comment about how no team has ever caught up on a 3+ lead in the 9th of a World Series, and then Jeter stepped up looking like he was going to prove that announcer wrong. (Or was it A-Rod? I have a theory they are the same person.)


I did one of those when they got a double play off Jeter and there was only one more out to go.  And then Damon got on base and I got nervous again as they kept showing A-Rod warming up. (Or was it Jeter?  I have a theory they are the same person.) 

Then The Girl came out to the living room and wondered if I was every coming to bed and asked me how long the game was going to last and when I looked back to the TV to answer her…it was over! 

And yes, it was cool that the Phillies won, but if the Yankees had ended up catching up at the 9th, that would have been a fun game too.  It was an exciting game!  Edge-of-your-seat exciting!  Bring on Game 6!