I started this blog a year ago as an exercise in earning my newfound fanaticism for baseball and the Giants, and while I may not have posted as often as I should have, and I’m not really sure I ever found the voice or direction I was looking for, I did manage to post every month, meet some good people, made it on the top leaders board twice, and got to follow a team from their beginnings in spring training to taking it all in November.

It was fun, but I think I’m done. Not with baseball or the Giants, mind you, I’m still paying attention on a regular basis (not that ANYTHING is happening…zzz…) but my interest in blogging has wained.  I blame Facebook and Twitter, which makes sharing ones thoughts far easier through their services than having to compose multiple coherent (and hopefully entertaining) paragraphs by way of blog. (Especially Movable Type Pro.)

I know you’ll miss me, but I’ll still be around, reading and commenting on many an excellent blog I’ve become addicted to.  You can also befriend me on Facebook, if you haven’t already.  I post lots of links and opinions there, sometimes they’re even baseball related.

So update your feed reader of choice, this site is now officially historical, an archive of my first year actually paying attention to a sport I’ve always claimed to love.  It was a helluva ride, thanks Giants!


5 thoughts on “Retired

  1. So sorry to hear you’re no longer blogging! It’s been fun to read along this past season. Best of luck to you (and the Giants) in 2011!

  2. im sad to hear you are no longer blogging, hopefully you’ll at least read blogs of other SF Giants fans, including mine, though its kind of messy. Hope you’re having a good year so far and i cannot wait for the 2011 season to begin! Did you go to fanfest this year?

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