Jeter Signs with Giants!




2 thoughts on “Jeter Signs with Giants!

  1. Yeah, I think that’s only slightly more likely than Jeter signing with the Red Sox, but I admire your optimism…and your sense of humor. Bad luck about Uribe, but I think your expense assessment was spot on and I’m sure the Giants front office has a plan in mind.
    I found your blog because we comment in some of the same places and I like your about me. I too am a geek in love with baseball. I think that with all the complex strategies, stats, and player/team combinations, baseball is especially appealing to the geekly inclined…that and we give our favorite players nicknames like Spiderman and Superman.

  2. Thanks for the comment, fellow California comic geek! It’s definitely true there are a lot of similarities in what attracts us to both baseball and comics. Addiction to stats and uniforms, I guess.

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