One Down…

So I guess I just needed to be patient one more day and I would have had something to talk about.  Aubrey Huff has returned with a two-year contract with a club option for 2013.  

I don’t necessarily want everyone back, but Huff was certainly on the Want List.  He had a great season this year, he was the home run leader with 26 and third in batting average with .290.  
Rk Pos Age G AB R H HR ▾ RBI BA
1 1B Aubrey Huff* 33 157 569 100 165 26 86 .290
2 SS Juan Uribe 30 148 521 64 129 24 85 .248
3 C Buster Posey 23 108 406 58 124 18 67 .305
4 LF Pat Burrell 33 96 289 41 77 18 51 .266
5 OF Andres Torres# 32 139 507 84 136 16 63 .268
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Generated 11/23/2010.
He’s was also seventh place in this year’s NL MVP, which is pretty cool.  That means he’s officially the 7th best player in the National League, right?  Okay I guess it doesn’t mean that, but it’s cool anyway.
It’s funny because when he was first signed, no one, including myself, was particularly excited about the acquisition.  He was an old guy with a .189 batting average for 2009 and if you Googled him, all you could find was a picture of him topless on the Howard Stern show.  I was way more interested in Mark DeRosa.  Just shows what the hell I know eh?  Or any of us, for that matter.    
He may have cooled off a bit towards the end of the season, but he was also there from the beginning and was bound to be a bit more tired than guy who just came out of the woodwork at the last minute.  No one can argue that Huff wasn’t an integral part of this year’s World Series win, both on and off the field, and I hope his presence next year keeps the fires lit.  
I guess this means the rally thong won’t be going to the Hall of Fame just yet.  

2 thoughts on “One Down…

  1. I can tell you from experience, Huff Daddy kind of grows on you after a while.
    And not like a shower fungi on your sandals, but you get to see the drive and passion for both teammates and winning if you just look beyond the bravado and smirk.
    Think this is the first work on the foundation to possibly construct a great run at possibly repeating a feat that took so long since the G-men left the East Coast.
    Huff finally found his winner, and they rewarded him for his efforts…on and off the field.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Oh he was great to watch this year. It felt like he wanted that ring the most and led the team to get it. Not that he was always a stellar performer, but I think he carried the team in the beginning until others arrived to pick up some of the slack. I’m a Huff fan.

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