Celebratory Wallpaper: World Series

To continue the tradition, a wallpaper of the series winning home run by Edgar Renteria.  


10 thoughts on “Celebratory Wallpaper: World Series

  1. Was wondering which one of Bochy’s cast of misfits and cast-offs would eventually pull the plug and go commando over the World Series.
    Fitting that Edgar Renteria got another chance to put his own footprint on the history of the game with a 3-run shot that still might be rolling around the stands of the Ballpark at Arlington.
    Great moment by a guy who has had to fight off the DL and guys wanting his position to finally prove why the Giants loved him in the first place.
    Raise your glass to Renteria, he will be the toast of the town for some time.

    Rays Renegade


  2. you must feel so happy right now! the funny thing is i was looking at my photos of giants newspaper clippings and i found one of renteria making the winning run on opening day. did you make it out to the parade? Hard to believe the 2010 baseball season is over, seems like yesterday was fanfest!

  3. Michael, to take a phrase from the late Jackie Gleason, “How sweet it is!” Enjoy today and the offseason. It will be interesting around here. – Wayne

  4. Ray – Someone always steps up, that’s the beauty of this team. Or WAS the beauty, it’s over already!I was in Seattle so could not make it to the parade. I heard it was crazy crowded though, so I might have been too afraid to go anyway!Thanks Wayne, you too!

  5. It seems like whoever hits the winning run of the last game gets MVP. I personally would have rather seen Matt Cain or even Bumgarner get it for their kick-*** shut out performances. Or Lincecum for beating Lee twice.

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