Giants-Phillies Game 2: One Off

Yesterday was weird.  

We were supposed to go to the local pumpkin patch around the time of the game.  But then it started raining so we didn’t go.  Serendipitously I had gotten around to cleaning the rain gutters and cleaning out the side yard the day before.  
My wife decided to go shopping earlier that afternoon and took her daughter, leaving me alone with the baby for the first time in his existence.  It was a fairly lackluster event as he slept through the whole thing, but I didn’t shower or get dressed thinking at any minute he would wake up.  
In lieu of going to the pumpkin patch, my wife invited her mother and nieces over to hang at our house.  So the game is about to start, it’s raining outside, I haven’t got ready for the day, and there’s three little girls running around screaming and a baby boy whining and pulling on my arm while the wife and mother-in-law intelligently hide in the kitchen. 
Off to a good start (sarcasm).
Game starts and the Phillies score a run in the first inning.  I use the term “run” loosely as no running was necessary.  Sanchez loaded the bases and then walked somebody home.  Granted the scoring pitch should have been strike 3, but that doesn’t matter because A) the same botched call happened to the Phillies in game 1 and that’s what karma is all about and B) Fontenot’s error throwing to 1st base combined with Sanchez’s pension for walking people is what got them to having such a tight margin of error.  
Off to a good start (sarcasm).
Then in the 4th, three Giants stand around looking like morons as a pop fly falls at their feet in front of home plate.  Fontenot was again credited with an error, but I think Sanchez should have had that one.  He was there already, and he didn’t even look like he was saying anything.  COMMUNICATION people!  
At this point I’m about as interested in watching this game as the Giants are in playing it.
But then in the 5th, Cody Ross gets up to bat.  At this point, the annoying announcers (that are so lame, my wife at one point shouted from the safety of her hiding place and asked me if I was watching football – yes it sounded like I was watching football because they are that lame) started talking to some elderly Phillies gentleman, who was probably the manager but maybe the pitching coach or something, asking him about what they were putting in place to counter Cody Ross and they show Cody Ross hitting a home run.  But it wasn’t a home run from Game 1 like I thought, it was a home run happening NOW.  I think the announcers thought it was a clip too, because mid question they finally said, “Oh hey, he hit a home run!” It was awesome.  Cody Ross is like Kryptonite for Philadelphia.  
So now it’s tied up. Much better.  The kids aren’t as annoying anymore.  
But it didn’t last because in answer the Phillies scored another one in the same inning.  Yippee.
During the 6th, dinner comes and goes and so do the visitors.  I wait for the wife to straighten up a little bit and then I pass the baby off to her with the excuse that I need to do the dishes.  I tell her the TV is hers but I feel done with this game.  I’m tired, I’m smelly, I’m dying for some piece and quiet and I just wasn’t in the mood to watch the game anymore, even though it was still close and could have gone either way at that point.
So I go do the dishes, as promised, slapping on my head phones and listening to Why Is This News? as they break down the LCS and explain to me why the Phillies and Yankees will be going to the World Series again.  After dishes, I decide to go take a shower and while stripping down in my room (picture it!) I flip on the game again, only to see that now it is no longer any man’s game, as some how 4 runs were scored off the Giants’ bullpen in the 7th.  
Perfect end really. Whatever.
I shower and go to bed.  The baby, who normally sleeps until at least 5am, decides to get up at 1am, 3am and 6am and for some reason I couldn’t get back to sleep after his initial 1am outburst.  I could blame it on me mulling over the loss, but really I wasn’t thinking about baseball. I have no idea what was keeping me up.  I watched Near Dark again.  Good flick, could be better.
So now I’m tired and we’re 1-1.  I’m not especially worried.  It seemed unlikely the Giants would get the first 2 right off the bat. I’m glad they got at least one game in Philadelphia and now they’re coming home. Hopefully that gives the offense and pitching staff a boost.  That’s how home field advantage works, right?  

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