Phillies @ Giants Preview

I like these prediction posts at Dodgers Trends, so I think I’m going to rip him off.  Except with mine, I’m going to skip about five of his stats because I’m lazy and/or can’t figure out how he did it, and I’m also going to have less to say about the graphs because I’m stats stupid.  So here we go!

philliesatgiantsrunscored.jpgKinda squiggly all over the place, but it looks like the Phillies are scoring more than the Giants, which isn’t much of a shocker since we can’t hit.

philliesatgiantsrunsallowed.jpgAgain, squiggly and all over the place, but I think the Phillies are allowing more runs, which also isn’t a shocker since we know our pitching works.  This one seems pretty close though, so that doesn’t bode well for our batters.


The Giants like to score in the 9th, and the Phillies like the let people score in the 9th, so that’s good.  Maybe we can eek out a few runs in a close game.  Also looks like it takes the Phillies a while to warm up, so start off strong!


The Phillies like to score in the 7th and the Giants like to let people score in the 7th, so that’s kinda sucky.  Gotta make sure if we have a lead that we keep it.

Bottom Line: Um…no clue?  But aren’t these charts cool looking?  Regardless of what they look like, I can’t see myself thinking the Giants are going to lose, especially with these graphs, which don’t seem particularly one sided to me.  The Phillies pitchers seem tough though, which isn’t good since we’re not hitting, and they aren’t going to have to face our best pitchers until game 3, so that’s a concern. 

In other words, try real hard fellas!  Duh.


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